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We will schedule two prenatal meet ups which will serve as an opportunity for me to know you and understand your desires for your upcoming birth. We will create a birth plan to communicate those desires to your medical provider.

I will support you for the duration of your labor and delivery. I will provide comfort measures and help facilitate your preferences for your birth experience with the medical professionals

Between three days and one week after your birth, I will make an in-home visit to assist with breastfeeding, baby wearing, etc. I also use this meeting to answer any questions you might have about your birth experience. We can use this time to process your labor and delivery together. 


After all the excitement of birth and meeting the human you have carried for nine months, the reality of motherhood is both thrilling and overwhelming. Your health care team will leave, and perhaps you and your partner are left to care for a tiny human alone. Not only are there physical aspects to caring for your little human, but there are also the emotional and mental aspects to caring for your precious babe.


I believe every mother deserves to be known and loved during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Maybe you need someone to listen as you process your birth so you feel known and loved. Maybe you need some education on the physical demands of newborns. Whatever you need postpartum, I want to help you! During the most vulnerable time of your life, I want you to be heard, known and loved. Schedule a free consultation today!

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