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My Story

Hey there! My name is Bethany and my heart is for you to know how deeply loved and known

you are for exactly who you are!


The freedom that comes with believing you are known and loved is the greatest asset we have in this life, particularly in the most vulnerable of moments: pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I am mom to four of the greatest kids on the planet. My first pregnancy resulted in a

miscarriage and it left me wondering if my body was able to carry a child and questioning if I would be able to have children of my own. Humbly, I gave birth to my first daughter in a hospital with an unmedically necessary induction. I received the epidural without feeling a contraction. My body reacted poorly to the medications and I spent most of my labor and delivery drowsy and nauseous. I gave birth vaginally and recovered well.

Although I did not have a traumatic birth experience, everything in me wanted to know if there

were options for birth experiences. I began to educate myself and decided I wanted to attempt

my next labor and delivery without interventions. Although the plan was to give birth at my

midwife’s birthing center, my son came into the world in two and a half hours start to finish. I

ended up giving birth to him at home and I knew that was the birth experience I desired!

My third and fourth labor and deliveries were almost identical. I began contractions in the

morning, lived life as usual for a few hours and then contractions picked up and I labored and

delivered at home with my midwife.


This is MY experience, and you will have YOURS. You will decide what is right for YOUR body

and YOUR mind. My desire is to help you feel known and loved as you make decisions on the

kind of birth experience you desire – judgement free and with all the support in the world! Let

me help you make the decisions that are right for YOU!

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